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Relaxation Massage

This is your time to focus on relaxing and using your breath to unlock stuck areas leaving you feeling calm and ready for whatever life has coming your way. Your immune system will benefit from this. Time to relax and let go.

60 minutes $65                      90 minutes $95

Deep tissue Massage

Deeper pressure is applied using forearms, elbows or tools to specific areas you may be experiencing pain or stress.

60 minutes $65                   90 minutes $95

Hot Stones Massage

A great way to reboot your system and deeply warm and ground yourself. Hot stones are used to do the massaging and detoxify your system while warming sore joints and deeply relaxing you. You will enjoy increased circulation and detoxification as well.

60 minutes $70                 90 minutes $100

Prenatal Massage

Pillows and relaxation for a body in creation mode! Enjoy the peaceful plush table while you get some healing touch to sore tense muscles. Can also work pressure points if past the due date.

60 minutes $65                 90 minutes $95

 Firmi-Sea Mud Body Wrap

60 minutes of stimulating, purifying and firming your body. This wrap will re-hydrate and repair your skin while increasing circulation and refining skin texture.

60 minutes $85.00

Botanical Mud Body Wrap

60 minutes of hydrating and exfoliating dull skin. This will help stimulate your lymphatic system to help release toxins and leave your skin firm and refined.

60 minutes $85.00

Add On To Body Wraps

Add 30 minute massage $30

Add 60 minute massage $50

Add 90 minute massage $70

                                                  Ear Candling  

This treatment safely removes wax and debris from the sinuses. It can relieve sinus pressure, headaches, vertigo and improve hearing.

30 minutes $25.00


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